Merchant spotlight: Lionfeather Studio

Lionfeather Studio, one of Redeux's newest vendors, is comprised of Angie (buyer, painter, crafter, introvert); Jeff (engineering and customer engagement); and Machu and Picchu (the cats who personally inspect every piece before it is moved to the shop).

Angie's mother's maiden name was Lowe, which translates from German to English as "lion." Feathers have always been a sign of good luck and well-being to Angie, so she combined the two to form Lionfeather Studio.

Angie would often see items in thrift stores or at flea markets and could see their potential: realizing they only needed a little sprucing up or paint to be loved again. She would often bring them home even though she had no space for them. After being told by several antique business friends that she should have her own shop, she decided to take the leap of faith and give it a try.

That was in 2010 and our first space was in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore City. I was hooked. Regrettably, that shop was sold and would no longer be an antique mall so we sought out a new location add settled in quickly at Grey Beards Antiques and Collectibles in Jacobus. And from there we met Alex and discovered Redeux.

Angie has a decided weakness for interesting lamps and lighting fixtures, the more over-the-top the better. She especially favors fiberglass lampshades due to the wonderful light their translucency spreads through a room. 

The atmosphere inside Redeux is clearly charged with creative energy yet has a distinct coziness. It is very engaging to walk through but feels so comfortable and relaxed. It is simply easy to be in.

While disappointed to leave their Baltimore location and the fellow merchants who had become friends, Angie and Jeff felt immediately welcomed with warmth and generosity of spirit by everyone at Grey Beards.

The same held true as we met and talked with Alex and the members of Redeux. The customers who we have been lucky to meet and talk to, have all been gracious and very enthusiastic about our items and us. We feel very at home in York.

Angie subscribes to more than 15 shelter magazines and is always on the look out for ideas and color trends when she travels. She is always seeking pieces that make her smile or bring her a rush of emotion.

The best things transport me to a place or a time that seems happy or comfortable to me. Overall we strive to find things that will carry those emotions with them into someone else’s home. A super cozy reading chair, a flower-power pillow, a quirky lamp to brighten a living room or bedroom or a Mason jar they’ll make into something really unique for their space. It’s about comfort and joy for us - if it makes me smile, I buy it.

Oh and owls. Angie loves owls.

Come see what you've been missing at Redeux and get introduced to Lionfeather Studio.

Alexandra DwyerComment