Merchant spotlight: Old Witherow Vintage

With Old Witherow Vintage, proprietor Allison Witherow Given brings vintage and retro housewares, home decor, clothing and accessories to the stylish homemaker via the Redeux showroom.

Witherow is Allison’s middle name, a family name that was passed down by her Irish ancestors. Allison considers herself an old soul, so “oldwitherow” has become her secondary moniker of sorts. It’s not just the name of her shop, it’s also her Twitter and Instagram avi.

Growing up in a farmhouse built in 1805 meant Allison was always surrounded by old things. The seed for her love of the vintage and antique was planted early.

“My parents appreciated old things too. Furniture they found at auctions, family pieces passed down through generations. I grew to appreciate old things and the stories behind them (or the stories you can imagine about their previous owners). When I was in college and had to furnish an apartment on a budget, I got into thrifting and that's when I really fell in love with vintage dishes and how they can dress up a table and make certain foods just ‘pop’ on them. A large part of what I sell are vintage dishes and housewares.”

Old Witherow specializes in retro kitchenware including jadite, Pyrex bakeware, mixing bowls and depression glass; vintage and secondhand furniture like quirky lamps, sweet prints, delicate end tables and bright chairs; and vintage and secondhand clothing. So among all these old goodies, what are Allison’s favorites?

“I always have a set or two of peanut butter glasses for sale. They're the pretty little tumblers that usually have floral or fruit patterns on them. I love them because I feel like they brighten up any kitchen or dinner table--they're great for juice or wine, or even cocktails. They make every day feel special.”

Allison loves to cook, eat and drink fun and interesting things.

“I get inspiration from going to different restaurants, different people's kitchens and our own kitchen (we live in my grandparents' old house, and not much has changed since it was built in the 50's).”

Allison is thrilled to bring Old Witherow Vintage to Redeux because she thinks the shop is a great mix of vintage, handmade and repurposed.

“We've all seen antique malls, thrift stores, art galleries and boutiques with handmade things. But to put the best of each of these things in one space makes it feel really exciting. Because, for many people, their houses and wardrobes have already been that mix, and now it's palpable in one retail spot. I also love that it's a little off the beaten path. I love seeing the expressions on people's faces as they walk by. It's like ‘...this?....here?’”

The here is of special importance to Allison, who devotes much of her time and talents to the revitalization of York City.

“I love the city because I love the energy of the people that care about it. The core group of folks that really believe in it and its potential are talented, intelligent and fun. It's a great feeling knowing we're sort of all in it together and working towards a common goal.
I love York County because I grew up in its countryside. Going on a summer drive with the windows down through miles of fields and farms is one of the most beautiful sights you can see. And I love the small businesses that are supported by their neighbors. The fruit stand down the road, the flower shop on the corner.”

For Old Witherow Vintage, Allison is always on the lookout for pieces that either bring back a sense of nostalgia ("my grandma had these") or are quirky and colorful ("this would look awesome with the new shade of paint in my kitchen"). She adores pieces that elicit a sense of femininity or an era gone by.

Next time you visit Redeux, stop by Allison’s booth. You can also find her online at OldWitherowVintage.com and https://www.facebook.com/oldwitherowvintage. At Old Witherow Vintage, you can have your cake, eat it on a lovely plate while perched on a retro chair and look good while doing it.