Merchant spotlight: Found Wanderer

Found Wanderer is a handmade jewelry business that focuses on creating blissful jewels geared toward the wandering, bohemian goddess. Owner Kacey Royer loves to use “found” objects in her creations, such as crystals, stones, vintage and old beads, as well as any other object which embraces a natural sense of beauty.

I believe that even if you are unsure about something in your life, it does not mean you are lost. My business name emphasizes this concept by focusing on women who are empowering and successful because they have wandered throughout their life, searching for the missing pieces to their so-called puzzle, not being fearful of the unknown.

Kacey started out by creating simple bracelets and customized orders that she would sell to locals here in York.  She would create something, such as a macramé bracelet for instance, post it to Instagram, and see who commented on it. To her surprise, a bunch of girls were interested and so she began to create more and more, looking to see what types of things were relatively simple to make so she could create customized pieces to give to her customers as fast as possible. 

Funny enough, I used to personally deliver my jewels to my customer’s houses as well as meet them at random locations such as parks and gas stations. I like to keep it simple and easy going, so meeting up with my customers is something I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I then decided to open up an online shop with pieces that were a little more complex. This is when I found my love for crystals. I incorporate crystals, mainly druzy crystals, into almost all of my pieces. I love adding a touch of shine to something so natural and beautiful. My commitment and dedication has led me into many different directions. I have sold in several different boutiques, including Redeux, as well as having the opportunity to send my jewelry to NYC to be in a photo shoot for Elle Magazine, in hopes of being featured in an editorial.

Kacey incorporates crystals into almost all of her pieces. Her favorite type of crystal is called a "druzy" crystal, which actually has tons of smaller, sparkly crystals encrusting the top of it.

I am obsessed with my druzy necklaces; colors ranging from peach, coral, brown, blue, pink, purple, etc.

I always try to focus on what vibe I want to portray. I usually display my jewels in a sense that grab people in, as well as make them focus on the details of the intricate pieces I have. I am always looking to make people happy as well as make them see what I see—natural beauty at its finest.

When not working on handmade jewels, Kacey works as a stylist at Free People: an American bohemian apparel and lifestyle retail company that sells women’s clothing, accessories, etc. 

I have always been obsessed with the free-spirited lifestyle, which is why I love working at Free People so much. Free People has their very own, nationally known blog called the Bldg 25 Blog. This blog has everything from clothing , jewelry, recipes, DIY crafts; the works. I find a ton of my inspiration from this blog. I highly suggest you check it out!

Kacey loves hosting her shop at Redeux and loves that it is a place for artists to come together and share their passions.

There are so many unique personalities and styles under one roof, but we all come together to share something we love.

Kacey also loves being able to head downtown and see all the different types of people that live in this area. 

Whether it be stopping in at Central Market, heading to a coffee shop, or checking out sweet shops such as Redeux, I really love being able to express my style and have others look at it. I am glad that more and more shops are downtown York. I think people are realizing that there is a lot to do downtown.

I hope you take the time to check out all the amazing artists Redeux as well as in downtown York. You will love the atmosphere once you walk into the shop without a doubt. I am so happy Alex “Found” my business, and that I have “Found” my way; creating and selling jewels for all you lovely boho goddesses.

Stop by Redeux at 113 S. Duke Street and check out Found Wanderer and Kacey's work.

If you see anything with crystals, flowers, and portrays a sweet sensation, its probably me ;)

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