Meet the duo behind American Daydream:


Greg & Maria Koller are the owners & pickers of American Daydream, one of Redeux's founding vendors. Their shop name is a fun spin on the "American Dream" and has come to be their favorite slogan! 

We are very patriotic and Greg spent a lot of time as a child daydreaming about having a store one day.

Their shared passion of searching for antiques brought their eclectic shop to life.

"We don't go on "normal" dates when we have date day... we go looking for new items for our collection and to bring to Redeux. This has become a passion that we have found together through the past ten years and it is our favorite hobby.  Both of our grandparents were into collecting and antiques so we have inherited the love of the classics and we are thrilled to carry on the mutual family interest. We know our grandparents would be so proud of what we are accomplishing in life. We see the value of items from the past when they were made to last. "

Their favorite items to collect are: soda bottles!

 "We have fun trying to find new bottles we do not have in our private collection.  We bring duplicates to Redeux to share with other lovers of printed soda bottles." Maria, also added she loves to collect: "Greg's artwork."

She fell in love with his creative mind and loves that their home is a revolving art gallery. Redeux has become a great place for Greg to showcase his art as well as their passion for antiques. They get their inspiration from each other and are continually motivated to create new things and to be active in their community.

For the Greg & Maria, York is home.  

Being part of this downtown community is a fun, new experience for us and it is great to be a part of the “redeuxing” of the city. It is great seeing the younger population taking charge and invigorating the city. We grew up coming downtown and from the past til now it has become so vibrant and full of life. York is in the top 5 cities of growing 25-thirty somethings. We believe it is becoming a model for other cities to follow. Kevin Schreiber and the young legislative core of York are inspiring. They are bringing change to the city and state through their leadership! It is becoming, once again, a great place for new ventures to thrive!

American Daydream is always on the lookout for new/old soda bottles, but Maria's new favorite thing to find is vintage medical items.  They have a love for vintage 20's and 30's type.

Be sure to check out their collective booth at Redeux

& find something eclectic to add to your space.