2016 Holiday Look Book

Look 1:

Red Velvet Mini- Feral Heart Club $37

White Fox Coat- In All the Land $50.00

Season's Greetings Sign- In All the Land $13

White Beaded Gloves-$20.00


Look 2:

Blue Knit Scarf- $32.00

Cross Body Purse- Eleven 77 $25.00

White Shaw- Secret Agent Squirrel $30.00

Pendelton Wool Trousers- Feral Heart Club $40.00

Plaid Thermos- Feral Heart Club $9.00

Plaid Blanket-$12.00


Look 3:

Cranberry Mink Coat: In All The Land $18.00

60's yellow shift dress- In All The Land $30.00

Gold Geometric Necklace- Amani Studio $32.00

Tribal Necklace- Eleven 77 $25.00

Love Fleece Lined Hat- 

String of Doves- $15.00 


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