Love Below - Spring 2017 Look Book

Look 1:

Better to see you with, Blue glasses, In All the Land, $11.oo

Scorpion necklace, Lionfeather Studios, $8.oo

Leather Jacket, Dove and Dagger, $125.oo

Blue Dress, Dead Drop, $15.oo

Record Club pin, American Daydream, 

Black Stompers, Feral Hearts Club, $20.oo

Look 2:

White Tennis Dress, In All The Land, $29.oo

Blood Ox Boots, Dove and Dagger, $25.oo

Japanese Racer Glasses, In All The Land, $14.oo

Dope Headphones, American Daydream, $27.oo

Look 3:

Express Jeans, Feral Hearts Club, $8.oo

Bridal Shower Nightie, In All The Land, $20.oo

Budweiser Hat, Avery's by Appt., $7.oo

Strawberry Charm, American Daydream, $15.oo

Look 4:

Vintage Tiara, In All The Land, $24.oo

White High Waisted Skirt, Feral Hearts Club, $20.oo

Yamaha Jacket, Avery's by Appt,, $26.oo

Look 5

Blue Tull Hat, In All The Land, $24.oo

Silver Purse, Lionfeather Studios, $15.oo

Leopard Skirt, Dove and Dagger, $20.oo

Clear Raincoat, Dove and Dagger, $15.oo

Sparkly Shoes, Feral Hearts Club, $20.oo


Photographed by Tifani Truelove

Styled by Madeline Dietrich