Meet Averie Clark.

She is the Queen Bee of Creative Repurpose, the founder of The Bee and the creative, industrious force behind the shop; readily admitting it is not a sole effort.

It couldn’t happen without the support and talent of many helpers in many ways, including an amazing and evolving collective of busy bees including Janel Fox, Liza Naylor, Chrissy Kroft, Gina Sullivan, Karen Wishart, and mother/daughter team Andrea Nestlerode and Betsy Beakler of Sleepy Owl Fiber Arts. And we’re always looking to add more bees to the hive!

Bees are both collectors and collective. They work in concert with one another to take what they bring individually and make a value-added product, working for the common good. (It’s also kind of a take on the quilting/sewing bees of days gone by.) This is how her shop name came about.

Collective Courage, LLC DBA The Bee, began with a desire to enliven traditional home arts: like sewing, quilting, knitting, weaving, and such (before we as a society lose these skills). They encourage the reuse of items that might otherwise end up in a landfill, and at the same time, bring people together to learn and create, while building community together. Having an outlet to sell the goods made by their collective provides personal and economic empowerment for our producers and a great Buy Local option for shoppers. Making the decision to BEE a vendor of a vintage and handmade marketplace like Redeux was easy.

Their pieces are one of a kind, each revealing a story born of the various components that go together in the creation of the item. Their quilts and pillows, table runners and rag rugs, wardrobe accessories and refashioned clothing contains as much recycled material as possible. Averie is really looking forward to some of the personal accessories and clothing items they will soon be showcasing in the store. 

My creative engine is fueled by figuring out what to do with all the leftover bits. There is both challenge and freedom in creating items with components that are getting their second or third (or more) chance.

Redeux excites her for many reasons. "The adaptive reuse of the space, the location in a neighborhood bursting with creative energy, the welcoming feel of the store, and all the cool vendors procuring really cool stuff, just to name a few. It’s always so much fun to come in to the store and see what’s new. I’m excited, too, to see Redeux grow as a gathering place."

Averie both lives & works in York City. She loves being able to see first hand people working together to make it even better. It’s rich with history, diversity, and potential and she really enjoys be a part of that.

You can expect to see vintage fabrics and clothing re-purposed into something else that is truly unique in The Bee's booth.

Come meet Averie & Gina for a special in-store event at Redeux to reveal a fresh new batch of little girl dresses by The Bee for Spring this Friday night. 


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