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32 Ferns

Bohemian vintage goods.
Prepare to unleash your free spirit with 32 Ferns’ eclectic collection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, light fixtures, furniture, home decor, and more!

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Avery's by Appointment

Vintage menswear and accessories.
Avery offers vintage men's wear. Specializing in classic sports hats, shirts, leather belts, belt buckles, flannels, and button-ups.


B Blaze Vintage

Street apparel for all.
B Blaze Vintage is the place to go for the best vintage streetwear. We scout out the statement pieces so you don't have to. We love graphic tees and tough 90's sporty jackets but specialize in Harley Davidson, Starter Jackets, and NASCAR apparel.

Bloodflower Vintage

Vintage treasures & miscellaneous magic.
Unique women’s and unisex apparel, accessories, and other wares collected and curated by Kalli Konrad. Shop Bloodflower Vintage to create your look no matter your personal style.


Dave Myers

Original art, prints, and handmade crafts

Dave makes t-shirts, stickers, pins, prints, and more with an eye for the odd and an affinity for the adorable.


Damon and Dora's

Eclectic vintage clothing from the 40's to the 80's.
Established in 1997 by Abby Smith, Damon & Dora's is known for high quality and affordable vintage for both men and women. Abby only stocks items she would wear and loves the story that a unique piece of vintage clothing imparts.


Dove & Dragon

Funky and Fearless.
 A collaborative collection for the fierce and the romantic by Tifani Truelove and Lillian Rentzel. Psychedelic women's wear. Vintage women's clothing, accessories, vinyl records, and intriguing home décor.

Feral Heart Club

Eclectic Fashions for the It Girl.                                    
A treasure trove of eclectic vintage fashions perfect for standing out in a crowd or punching up any classic look. If you consider leaving the house a perfectly acceptable reason to make a fashion statement, join the club.





In all the Land

Artfully curated objects for the whimsical shopper.
In all the Land's owner Sarah has cultivated a shop full of of graceful, sophisticated, chic and timeless one-of-a-kind clothing, housewares and accessories. Sarah's collection of items range from on one-of-a-kind dresses from the 1920s-1960s, mid century modern and artfully made home goods, to  one of a kind antique folk art.


Milk Machine Vintage

Curated Vintage for the Classic Kitschy Woman.
Kellie is in love with high quality vintage womenswear from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. When she isn’t tackling motherhood she’s using her embroidery robot machine to stock fun embroidered flour towels and more


The Midtown Dandy

Curated Vintage for the Classic Kitschy Woman.
The Midtown Dandy specializes in finely curated, high-quality vintage menswear and accessories - the good stuff. Taking discarded pieces and showing guys how to breath new life into them is Andrew’s passion. From Tweed blazers and wingtips to rare vintage band tees and classic 90s streetwear, his hand-selected inventory reflects a genre bending variety of stylish vintage items to help give guys that little something extra in their wardrobe.


Retro Effex

Funky Seventies and Mid Century Modern furniture and lighting.
Groovy vintage goodies owner, Stan Willis, is a self-proclaimed serial picker. As a youth, Stan's mother dragged him, often reluctantly, to Goodwill stores all across the Baltimore area. This childhood experience left a lasting impression on him. In adulthood, Stan has been picking as a hobby and now he is poised to try his hand in the retro business. His excitement for finding one of a kind vintage items is indescribable! He also carries vinyl, sports memorabilia, and fresh one of a kind items from bygone eras.

Retro Lab

Vintage Streetwear and 70s+ pop merch
We hope a sneak peek inside our booth provides a smile or two for you. Trending fashions direct from Broadway. Its been fun watching the streetwear industry embrace the vintage wave. So much so, that we brought it to York. Keep an eye on us as we may sprinkle in a little of our own brand as well. Smile often!


Still Kicking Spots

Sports Memorabilia.
Garth is obsessed with sports memorabilia from the 80’s to the 90s. Shop his collection of jerseys, teeshirts, glassware and more.

Tiny Granite

Handmade granite and wooden wares for your home
Andrew and Kristy of Tiny Granite make a variety of home goods such as granite and wood cutting boards, handcrafted lamps, and whiskey stones. Elevate your kitchen or home with a stunning handmade piece from Tiny Granite.

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Upcycled Tinkerings

Handcrafted light fixtures and vintage goods.           
Gus and Carrie make your Pinterest boards become reality. Gus specializes in functional industrial art using new, vintage, and antique materials. He gives discarded treasures a new life. Carrie keeps an eclectic stock of vintage nostalgia, home decor and conversational pieces. Don’t let Gus take all the credit for his work, after all Carrie is the “good idea fairy”.

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